Friday, March 13, 2009

The Odd Job

It's funny the way jobs work. In my time, I've had the prerequisite babysitting jobs, but I've also had some odd lines of work as well. In high school, I had a brief stint as a florist for a nearby college and also helped put in sewer lines for a trailer park.

Yes, I know, it boggles the mind.

I've had this blogsite, Yarn Over, for almost three years now, and I have to say that I find blogging to be so much fun. I love the creative aspect of it; the similarity to scrapbooking minus the huge pile of paper scraps on the floor is definitely a plus.

So, I was pretty excited to design a small website for our church, Grace Fellowship. We're a fairly new addition to this town, so an online presence seemed vital to outreach. The first site is meant to show who we are, and the additional site (click here) is meant to show what we're doing in the community.

Someone from the church who works for the local government saw what I had done, and asked me to set up a site for her department.

Now, I'm not a tech-savvy person, but I can wrangle html code a bit and "stretch" the limits of what I'm given by Blogger. I like using blogger for this sort of thing because it's so user-friendly. The goverment site needed to be set up and then updated by the employees every so often, and they didn't want to have to call in an IT person every time.

Want to see the site I set up for my local town? (Click here).

So you see, I've come full circle -

I'm back to working on sewer lines.


Ellen said...

Wow! I'm impressed. I really like them all. Lots of pics of Handyman slipped in I see. Good thing he goes to church. Can you imagine what he would resort to if he didn't??? (mother-in-law joke) You seem to thrive among sewer lines. Now, how can knitting and sewer work blend together? I'm sure some of your blogging buddies will have great suggestion :)

beadlizard said...

Your parish looks truly wonderful. Affirming. Great websites, too.

DH works in Silicon Valley so we have a bunch of different computers set up with various browsers exactly for this -- I have others if you want me to check (new IE and also a Mac).

On the sewer one, in Google Chrome the water quality report text, especially the right side of the italic section, and the report tables (both left and right sides) are getting cropped. In IE 6.0, there is more white space to the right of the print column, so the text isn't getting cropped but the tables are still larger than the allowed space.

I *really* like the clean lines and color choices and the way you set up the text and seal and, well, EVERYTHING you did in the sewer website. The sites for your parish are welcoming and give a strong sense of how it would feel to attend (I'd love it).

While at Friday knitting at the library this afternoon, I checked out a book on sushi by Riuichi Yoshii. My daughter is finally gaining weight due to our new rice cooker, so now I'm going to give making sushi a whirl. Thank you for the idea! --Syl