Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dropping Stuff

Heh. Fooled you. I bet you thought I was going to go into a long and involved explanation of how I've managed to drop the ball with chores and children, etc.

I can definitely claim to have done that, but since this is me blogging here, this post is all about -


Surprise! (*Jazz hands*)

This is a scarf I knit a few weeks ago with the free Drop-Stitch Ribbon Pattern from Ravelry. I've made a few modifications (which you can see here) because my yarn was a tad smaller than the yarn called for in the pattern.

I love how the yarn (only two balls of Lea by Lang) drapes and changes colors. It almost feels like a t-shirt. This pattern is great for getting lots of yardage out of two balls of ribbon/scarf yarn, since I think having to pay more than $10 for a scarf is a bit pricey.

I like the pattern so much that I've already cast on for a second scarf using some more 50% off yarn that I got at the LYS.
Doesn't this look spun and funky? Whoops! I mean "fun" and "spunky".
Hmmm, it still seems to work either way!


Mary said...

Very pretty. I like them both.

hakucho said...

Very pretty scarves! It's so interesting how different the two look, just because of the different yarns. ...very nice :)

Ellen said...

That multi-colored yarn is gorgeous! The scarfs are both equally pretty. You amaze me with how quickly you "whip" items out...