Sunday, April 26, 2009

Some Time Off

A few days ago I decided to have a "mini-holiday" with Handyman and the kids. To start the day off right, I took the kids to our favorite restaurant, Amigos.
I think I've eaten there at least once a week for the last 6 years. It's a good thing I started giving the proprietor's son piano lessons - I need to get some of my money back!

Gabe loves the Mickey Mouse pancakes. He and Miss Boo usually share, but he tends to eat more of it than she does.

After breakfast we headed to the little town of L-----, where we whiled away an hour at a nice little park.

(Please ignore my son's white legs. Let me assure you, it's not a skin ailment. It's a genetic defect inherited from Handyman.)

Baking cakes a.k.a. "playing in the sand" requires much concentration. The measurements have to be just right. Not too much sand, and then a pinch of sand, with a nice fluffy topping of sand.

Delicious.Yum yum. Nothing is sweeter than baby toes. (Washed, of course.)

Baby cheeks are tasty too. After many tries, I finally managed to capture a booger-free photo.

After our fun at the playground, Handyman and I dropped the kids off at Grandma's while we two went to lunch at the Mercantile. He got some sort of beef sandwich thingy, and I got cheesecake and a latte.

Of course, the only reason I got a latte was to give my sister in law practice. I'm very helpful that way. Always looking out for others, that's me, just suffering for the sake of friends!

The cheesecake was just so that Handyman wouldn't feel guilty eating about eating his sandwich while I had nothing.

Thoughtfulness can be so rewarding.


Ellen said...

Ohh those kids are changing by the post! Baby Gaby is adorable. Can't wait to squeeze all those cheeks and ride bikes with my grandbabies!!!

All Natural Mama said...

OMG that dessert tray is to-die-for. I ate once at the Mercantile w/ my mom a few years ago and it was so good.
I also wouldn't have much room for lunch after eating Amigos for breakfast. Yum! Amigos is our favorite restaurant as well.

Acornbud said...

Cheesecake and latte. What a sacrifice ;)

Anonymous said...

You're lucky I even made the latte since I was working in the kitchen. :b

The cheesecake is awesome. mmmm... ~licks lips~

Kit-bert: evil HR Director said...

Yummy!! (well I guess that could be for both the chunky Gabey and the cheesecake) :) it's lunchtime here, and I need food, reading this blog post makes me hungry....sounds like a good day for all of you!