Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hey Teach! for a Teacher

Ever since Knitty published the free pattern called Hey Teach, I've been itching to knit myself one. I love babydoll tops, and this cardigan seemed the perfect thing to wear in the spring, when the weather is a bit unpredictable.
(Sorry about the grainy photo.)

Sure enough, I've completely fallen in love with this pattern. It's easy, well-written, and the fit is perfect. I love how the sleeve caps fit my shoulder.
The lace pattern is a lot of fun too. I was pretty amazed at how quickly I got this thing knitted up; two weeks, perhaps?
I like this pattern so much that I've already cast on another one in a nice maroon color for a Christmas present.

(Click here for specific pattern modifications.)


yoel said...

What a wonderful springy knit! Love the buttons, too.

Mary said...

That really does look springy and fits beautifully.

TuttleTime said...

Lookin good, Rach! :) That is totally your color!

Sereknitty said...

That yummy green looks so fresh and springy! Nice job!

Kit-bert: evil HR Director said...

Great job Rach - I do like that on you! You'll have to model that when you come down to ATL :) great color on you!