Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Victorian Lace Scarf

About a year ago my wonderful Mum treated me to some luxurious cashmere yarn from Artyarns Cashmere 2, and it's been resting quietly in my stash, waiting for inspiration to hit me with the perfect pattern.

Knitting something from 100% cashmere yarn can be stressful, as the pattern has to live up to the quality of the yarn. I felt a huge weight of responsibility on my shoulders. I may never have such yummy-ness in my hands again, and I didn't want to flub up my opportunity of feeling uber elite and smug.

My first attempt (well, it was actually my 6th attempt if you're counting all the swatching of needle sizes and stitches cast on) was a simple stockinette scarf.
Me: I think I'd like a simple stockinette scarf. Simple is good. I need to be more simple.
Cashmere: Simple is boring. I am sophisticated and elite. Simple is demeaning to me.
Me: I'm not sure if I like this. I don't like simple, but I want to be cool like my friends who have a classic, simple flair for fashion. Maybe if I knit another few rows it will grow on me.
Cashmere: I look horrible. Please tear me out now so I can hide in your stash until you attain some sense. I hate this.
Me: I hate this. What am I thinking? I am not simple. I hate simple. I like . . .
. . . complicated. Why make things simple when you can make them complicated and eye-blurringly difficult?
Cashmere: See, I told you so. (Looking all sophisticated and smug.)

Never argue with your yarn. The yarn always wins.

(Pattern: (My own) Victorian Lace Scarf, which you can download as a free pdf file from Ravelry. )


Kit-bert: evil HR Director said...

LOLOLOL I love your conversation with your cashmere...Rach, you're hilarious...and very VERY talented! I love it, sophistication suits you!! :) glad that you listened to your yarn! ;)

All Natural Mama said...

Oooohhh... that scarf looks soooo soft!

Leah said...

It's beautiful! And you are a BIT disturbing with your yarn convo... LOL But at least the yarn talked back. I occasionally talk to my music books, but so far they have remained silent. :D

Sereknitty said...

Really, truly, lovely! It's the perfect pattern for the perfect yarn. I've got the lace 'bug' at the moment too!

Hattie said...

Ahh so you're the one who designed that... it's gorgeous! Now if I only had the problem of having cashmere at all...