Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Easter is such a wonderful time of year. I love the spring nip that's in the air; the sense of new beginnings peeping around every corner.
Best yet, it's a time of year to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. As a Christian, I try to celebrate Christ every day, but a formal holiday like Easter is an extra-special reminder to appreciate the life I have in Christ. Being able to celebrate this with other Believers makes Easter such a joyous day.

One of the ways I try to share my joy is through little Easter baskets that I pass out to all my music students. I put the prerequisite tooth-rotting candy and bubbles inside, but I also include a little invitation to my church.
As a teacher, I have to use wisdom in how I go about sharing the gospel. I'm being paid to teach, not proselytise, and I want to have integrity with my students. Passing out unobtrusive little baskets is my way of subtly opening a conversation with any students (or their parents) who might be interested in knowing more, without putting anyone on the spot.
So however you're planning to spend your Sunday, I hope you can pause for at least a moment and think about why we celebrate Easter.

It is indeed a Happy Easter!


Ellen said...

Love the baskets. I am sure they were well received. I pray that you will see some fruits from your labors.

Easter is, indeed, a time to reflect and rejoice. We are so very blessed to be called children of God.

Hope you had a wonderful day celebrating w/ fellow believers in your church. :) I'm sure the music was wonderful. ;)

Sereknitty said...

Loved the baskets, including the invitations!

Not only did I enjoy celebrating our risen Lord,it was also my 13th anniversary--double blessing!