Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hen Party

The other morning some of my girlfriends came over to chat and do what we women do when we get together. (For you men out there that might be reading, I can't get more specific, because Hen Parties are conducted on a Need to Know basis. We're women. We're mysterious. Deal with it.)

Farmer Foley came with her little sweetie Aiden. Aiden is the same age as Gabe, but he's definitely a heftier fellow. Look at those killer cheeks (on Aiden, of course)!
Esther brought her knitting, which is a blanket the size of Texas. It's very, very long, and proportionally thin, so perhaps Oklahoma might be a better comparison. Esther's just been re-learning how to knit, so her "first" project was definitely an ambitious one.
Flipflopping Mama has been a rare commodity lately, ever since she announced to the rest of us Hens that she's moving down state in a month. Needless to say, we've all been in mourning (and plotting ways to sabotage her husband's job so that she'd be forced to live here the rest of her life. I'm thinking that well-placed hints of mental instability might work . . .)
Or perhaps that's just me.

(Do notice her socks, though. Notice? They're her very first knit-for-her-by-her socks. We knitters tend to give everything we knit away to other people, so these socks are a trophy in selfishness. You go girl!)

So what were the children doing while we were blissfully ignoring them?

Well, for starters they got out every single toy that my children own and strewed the debris all over the upstairs. It was a cross between Hurricane Katrina and the Bubonic Plague in its horror.
To top off the chaos nicely, they managed to get themselves locked in Peter's closet. It took a good ten minutes to get them out, the poor things.
(See, this is the problem with having other bloggers over; you're never safe from someone else's blogworthy moment - hence the photo of me trying to free the panic-stricken children.)

Peter of course thought all this was great fun.
My one consolation is that at least this time they weren't on the roof.


Nikki said...

LOL...looks like fun! (Locking the kids in the closet I mean ;0)

Leah said...

Sounds like you guys had a good time. LOVE the kids locked in the closet idea. I always wonder what to do with them all when I have friends over. ;)

TuttleTime said...

That sounds like fun...a hen party. I love those! :) It's neat to have friends with kids the same age. Only you would snap a photo of the kids locked in the closet. :)

Flipfloppingmamma said...

It's never a dull moment at your house that's for sure!

Liz Foley said...

Thank you for the cheek clarification there. Also, is it just me, or does it look like I am force-feeding my skinny baby...