Thursday, April 16, 2009

Two Thumbs Way Up

From the knitting standpoint, I have to say that I prefer mittens. The most obvious reason is that they're easier to knit than gloves, but the other reason is that the larger surface area of mittens allows for a more elaborate cable motif.

However, I must say that I've fallen in love with these Welig gloves.
(The color isn't quite accurate here; it's more of a autumnal/maroonish sort of red).

They're sooooo soft, and the fit is perfect; not too tight, not too loose.

For some reason when I knit the first glove, I was frustrated and hated the pattern. However, after letting it languish in my knitting bag, when I decided to finish it up, I fell in love with the design. Maybe second time round is the charm?

If I ever knit this pattern again, I think I'd do it exactly the same, except I'd omit the bobbles. I've decided I'm not a bobble person. Also, from a purely utilitarian point of view, the bobbles stick up a bit, and might tend to snag on sleeves and stuff which would get annoying.

It's rather ironic that I finished knitting myself my first pair of gloves just in time for 50 degree weather.

(Click here for more specific pattern information).


Ellen said...

They're gorgeous. I love cables. I also love, love, love mittens. It is pretty funny that you are just now finishing them -- oh well, now you'll have them to look forward to in the fall. :)

smariek said...

Those are gorgeous gloves! I've never made fingers before or even mittens. I tend to prefer the fingerless mitts that allow me to use my fingers for typing and stuff.

beadlizard said...

Great fit! I like the way the detail extends to the backs of the fingers. I think they'd look fine without the bobbles. --syl

TuttleTime said...

You inspire me to make something for myself. I was looking through my earrings and realize that I need some. I haven't beaded in ages...wonder why?!! LOL. I need a few nice pairs. When I get things organized again in my craft closet (which will be very soon), I am going to make me a few pairs. :) I am not really a glove person, but in your temps they are necessity...You will be rolling in style with these beauties. :) Great job.