Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Little Diva

Poor Miss Boo. Despite her cute and petite little figure, she has her mother's hair (or lack thereof). Every morning she wakes up with her hair looking like a rabid squirrel's nest.

I cut Handyman and Peter's hair, and so I've always cut Miss Boo's hair as well, despite the fact that her hair is harder to cut because it's a *little* bit longer. I hoped that her rabid-squirrel-nest hair was due to my bad hair-cutting skills, so I took her to a professional to remedy the infestation.

The haircutter, Ms. Lori, was very patient. Miss Boo loved being the center of attention and took her instruction to "sit and look at your belly button" very seriously.

I had Peter and Gabe with me during this whole time. Peter was not impressed.
Afterwards, Miss Boo looked so cute, with a nice little bob hairdo that framed her face nicely and made her hair look thicker.

At least, it looked that way until after she woke up from her nap.

*Sigh* It's not the haircut . . .


hakucho said...

She's very cute no matter how her hair looks ;)

Ellen said...

I love her, her hair, her cute little snootje (that's face in Dutch), her little toes, and her little hands. I love all of her just the way she is. Add some little high heels and she's a head turner no matter what her hair looks like when she wakes up!

Kahue said...

I agree with the posts...she's cute no matter how her hair looks and Mom's right...add some high heels and she's a "head turner" no matter how her hair looks. Glad she took Mom's side with the thin hair. My side would have left her with no She looks sooo much like Great Grandma it's unbelievable...short, petite, and fiery...hehehe. I so look forward to visiting you guys this summer. Love Dad.

TuttleTime said...

Cute little girl... :)