Monday, April 20, 2009


Hmmm, I'm starting to find that going away for one's birthday has unexpected bonuses.

A few days ago, I got yet another goody bag from my other sweet sis, Lynn! See, when there's no definable date for presents to arrive, they come trickling in, which is (in my opinion) even nicer than a bunch at once.
It's a bit like Murphy's Law on an alternate plane. (In this same alternate plane I am 5 inches taller and 10 inches thinner.)

Anyway, knowing my tastes spot-on, she got me -
Yes. It is. The romance collection from A&E classics. We're talking MR. DARCY!!!!! (You there. Yes, you. I see you. Don't roll your eyes. Don't even PRETEND that you didn't get all fluttery when Mr. Darcy a.k.a. Colin Firth dove into that pond . . . )

For the rest of you who truly are in ignorance, let me maintain a moment of silence for the sad state of your romantic viewing pleasures.

Anyway, not only is my favorite version of Pride and Prejudice in this collection, but 14 other discs with 30 hours of classic movies!

Lynn didn't stop there, of course. She must know that my idea of pure bliss is watching a hunky guy in 18th century breeches and a frilly shirt on TV while I'm knitting happily away on some new project.
Look! A knitting book!

(Now please excuse me while I go faint from happiness-induced delirium.)


Ellen said...

Ooooooo, *jealous* of your new DVD's! ;) -Enjoy! The new knitting book sounds really neat, too.

Nikki said...

I simply MUST come see that book! The purse on the cover is A-dorable!!!!!!!

Ellen said...

Yipee, go Lynn! Now maybe we will have another grandbaby!! :)

TuttleTime said...

What the ??, Mom? Another grandbaby?? Yes, we sisters sure know what we like...Total movie blisssszzz.

Rach, I hope the kids and Andy give you a nice break to watch these...although please don't watch all at once, babies need to eat and stuff. :) Love you.

yoel said...

Mr. Darcy is the best. Enjoy your prezzies!

Kit-bert: evil HR Director said...

aww Rach! I've been sooo busy at work that I haven't even had time to read this blog until now :) I'm SOO glad you liked the book and the DVD collection!! how can ANYONE resist Mr. Darcy?!? ooh la la!! I've been wanting to get Pride and Prejudice for you since I know how much you love that movie, but when I saw this collection I HAD to get it for you! Now if you ever have a rainy day or if you're sick and you just wanna pop in a DVD, you can make a hot cup of tea and watch any one of these fabulous movies :) Love you and Andy!! I can't wait to see you both of you and the kiddies!! Hope you can come down for Oma/Opa's anniversary!!! Miss you!!! :)