Saturday, July 18, 2009


These are some photos from my recent trip to Georgia. When I was there, we stayed one night at the beautiful Stone Mountain Campground near Atlanta.

The kids loved playing at the playground nearby! Although it was sprinkling a little the entire time, no one really minded it, as the "spittin' rain" (we were in the south, after all) kept the temperature a bit cooler.

I think Grampy and Baby Gabe really bonded. People with similarly large foreheads tend to do that, I'm told.
What could be better than getting wet and then rolling around in a sandbox?

Then, the next day, we stopped for a few hours at my sister Lynn's house to see her cute place and her even cuter puppy, Cooley. It was great!


Ellen said...

Love the pics! :) Camping sounds like fun! And Lynn's dog IS really CUTE! :) Glad you got to have the time w/ family.

All Natural Mama said...

Hey! I was at Stone Mountain as a child (visiting my army uncle again). Lol. Cool.

Leah said...

Ahhhhh.... I Love Stone Mountain. And I think somehow you are wrong for saying your child has a large forehead. Especially comparing it to your father's that has somehow gotten larger since the last time I saw him. :D

TuttleTime said...

These are great pictures!! I wish I would have been able to take the day off...Ugh I need a vacation!