Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Peeps in My Village

This past week was full of laughs (which isn't all that different from other weeks). On Thursday night I and a few of my peeps went to Cafe Mondo, a wonderful new coffee shop downtown. I got the best latte there I've ever had along with a yummy peach schnappes bread pudding.

Of course, we brought knitting (except for someone who shall remain nameless. I'm working on her. I'm not giving up. Watch out, Sarah!)

Nikki is working on a beautiful summer sweater and she's almost done. It's her first, and it is looking like it will fit perfectly, look beautiful, and have a nice drape.
I hate her. (My first sweater was scary enough to give a rabid dog convulsions.)

(Nikki, I think you're absolutely gorgeous, but if I posted this picture with your facial expression visible, you would have killed me and confiscated my stash.)

I brought along a new project, a pair of socks knit with my newly hand dyed alpaca merino sock yarn. This sock is sooooo soft! Having knit with 100% cashmere before, I can honestly say it'd be hard to tell the difference.
The odd thing with this sock is that as I was knitting it, I kept popping the inside of my cheek, and I realized that this sock reminds me so strongly of pink lemonade, that my mouth kept expecting something sour/sweet!

Then, on Saturday, we went to Esther's house (a.k.a The Englishman's Muffin) to watch The Village. In keeping with the pilgrim/early American theme, she met us at the door dressed as . . . .

What a fun night! The movie was fantastic, the laughs were great, the movie was suspenseful without being gory, and the food was (of course) delicious!


Nikki said...

I ALWAYS prefer to be blurred out of totally ADDS to my beauty! So really, truly, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! I had a blast too, and we need to make it more of a habit, I always feel so much better when I get my "girl time" :)

Dawn said...

I told Lynn to wear a chicken hat but she wouldn't do it! I kept my hands over my face for about 75% of this movie.

TuttleTime said...

I so love girl time and am jealous that you seem to have so many nights.

Leah said...

While I love your posts, I am so jealous that you have so many girl friends. And that you can knit. so here's my official pppphhhhfffttttt and then my stamp of approval on your latte and your movie choice. I am SO SURE you were waiting on those. :)