Friday, September 4, 2009

15 Hour T-Shirt

When I was in Memphis visiting my Aunt and Uncle, I took the opportunity to stop by (cough cough drool over) a yarn store there called Rainbow Yarn and Fibres. I was really impressed by her collection of nice yarns, and especially so by the displays of sweaters.

One in particular caught my interest, the 15 Hour T-Shirt which the owner designed herself. The cool thing was that the display was in my size, and the owner kindly let me try it on so I could see if I liked the fit.

So, I walked out of the store with a beautiful skein of sock yarn that has since been knit up and gifted to my Mum, and enough ribbon yarn to knit myself a quick summer top.
Despite the pained look on my face in the above photo, I really do like this top. (Has anyone found a good way to take self portraits? I HATE trying to get a picture of myself in a sweater!) It drapes wonderfully, and is nice and comfy to wear on a cooler summer day. Plus, the ribbon creates a neat sort of texture to the fabric.

Knitting it was a bit of a pain, since ribbon yarn doesn't behave as nicely as regular yarn. However, since this was knit in the round (meaning not much purling to do), it whipped up rather fast.
The only alteration I made to the pattern was to knit a square neckline instead of a rounded one, since I think the square looks better on me. The neckline stretched quite a bit after I wore it a few times, but a little bit of single crochet around the edge tightened it up perfectly!

Definitely a great pattern!

(If you'd like to view more pattern details, click here)


hakucho said...

Very nice!! Your top looks lovely on you. I think it's a wonderful photo :)

TuttleTime said...

Great job, Rach...I love it. When were you in Memphis? I really want to stop over there some time...perhaps I could come over when you are there next time. :)

Your picture looks great!!! You look hot! :) I mean it and not in the sense of temperature.