Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Bottom of the Barrel

. . . or laundry basket, if you will.I am in hopes that sometime soon we will have a very hard frost that will kill every sort of produce that is producing at this present time of production.

Also, I have discovered something -

- if I drive myself completely batty during Canning Season, I actually look forward to winter.

My strategy of self-induced insanity seems to be working nicely.


Penny said...

Egads, one of my apple baskets is still almost full to the top. Along with 2 full bags of tomatillos, 2 bags of peppers, tables of tomatoes, bags of green beans, and there are zucchini laying in various places all over my house.
Oh yeah, did I mention my garage is now an onion and potato storage facility?
And, as you mentioned, a garden still growing!
Getting sick in the midst of this hasn't helped, lol!
Just a tad overwhelming, isn't it? But, I hate to say it, I am absolutely loving it. Shhhhh...

TuttleTime said...

"Self-induced insanity?" that what they call that? :) You are an un-CANNY canning queen!