Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Pleasant Surprise

Isn't it nice to know that things like unexpected kindness and good customer service still exist?

Two weeks ago I was was using my beloved Pampered Chef pan in the oven, and it suddenly cracked for no reason that I could determine. Although I had no sales receipt, no idea who the Pampered Chef consultant was who sold the pan to me, and no idea when I bought it, the company kindly mailed me a replacement pan without any hassles or water boarding questioning techniques.
Then, on top of that unexpected note of cordiality in the human species, I was so surprised to receive a bucket of pears that I didn't even have to pick!

(Let me back up and explain that I was driving in my town and noticed a pear tree dripping with pears that were begging to be canned, so naturally I stopped and rather inanely asked the man in his driveway if I could come back the next day and pick his pears. I should perhaps mention that this lack of shame when it comes to getting something free is a common failing in my family, and I blame it entirely on genetics. Anyway, when I returned the next day, he and his two boys had already picked all the pears for me!)
Fourteen quarts of delicious pears and a pear crumble later, I am still smiling from that gift!
(Now I just need to remember to drop off a bit of apple butter as a thank you . . . .)


Barbara said...

Great story. Lovely crisp! Yum!

All Natural Mama said...

Oh, my. That pear crumble looks so good!
Did you use your apple peeler on the pears? I may be getting some pears soon and am hoping my peeler can be used on them...

TuttleTime said...

Isn't it nice to know there are sweet people in the world!!? I am sure the man was happy to be rid of all the extra pears, so I wouldn't feel too bad for asking. An apple butter would be a really nice thank you!