Friday, September 18, 2009

Production Underway

Heh. I bet you were expecting me to post about the lastest doings of the Extreme Makeover Team that's descended on our tiny town. Nope. I'm just not that cool, and unable to score VIP tickets like sooooome people whom we refer to as "The Gandalf" (Friends reference here, not LOTR).

Nope. My production notes unfortunately are about, well, produce. Boring, I know, but that's my life.

I got a box of wild plums from the in-laws, which I pitted and canned for future pie-making purposes.
Just a note about these little babies; they're about the size of a ping pong ball, and pretty tart, so when I baked a pie with them I mixed half plums and half peaches for the filling. As I found with my Peachy Rhubarb pie recipe, peaches have the amazing ability to cut the tartness of their neighbors. The finished pie result was a pie that tasted an awful lot like cherry, which was good, because the plums by themselves were pucker-your-lips-through-a-drinking-straw tart.

I've also been making dried apple slices on the dehydrator.
For some reason, I have this genetic disability that makes me prone to free produce addictions. I've met a lot of nice people in my town by blithely knocking on their front door and asking them if I can climb their trees for their loot. Aside from the odd looks of disbelief, I've gotten a lot of great fruit!

I have a handy-dandy peeler that I bought at our local Farm & Fleet a few years ago which makes the whole process much faster.


beadlizard said...

I really like the sour plum/sweet peach combo idea. Hmmm. There are so many fruit trees in our neighborhood that you would get dizzy and need a pick-up truck. It's mostly lemons and oranges, but also pomegranate, cherry, apple, peach, nectarine, lime, and plum. Of course I'm in a newer house with only Bradford pears, pretty but useless. I've been enjoying the lemons hanging over the fence from the neighbors, though!