Saturday, September 19, 2009

Man Party with the Minions

Handyman doesn't often have his friends over (whom I refer to as his "Minions"), mostly because he's too busy, and also because that's just not, well, it's just not "manly" to be too social. Men must remain aloof. Men must be strong and silent. Men must only grunt when spoken too lest they evolve into higher forms -


(Okay, enough with the sexist insults. I couldn't resist displaying a little bit of my Oma in me, hee hee!)

Anyway, this year he was commissioner for the Fantasy Football League through our church, and decided to host it at our house, complete with manly things like fire and pizza.

(This is my Handyman setting up the Man Table, which he so-named himself. It's a bit of plywood perched precariously on top of our broken wheel barrow. Appropriate.)

When men get together, there must be fire. (And smoke. The more smoke the better). It appeals to their primitive nature. All men are pyromaniacs at heart.

At about this point the testosterone hovering in the air got so thick I had to back up to get a breather. Breanna and I were very much outnumbered, as some of the guys brought their kids (more boys, of course.)
Gabe fit right in with all the manliness. He got right down to business.
(I had to rinse out the tub twice to get rid of all the mud on that boy.
It was like trying to scrub a field of potatoes.)

Man Food.
Please notice that Man Food consists of meat, more meat, beer, and pizza. The dried apple slices happened to make it onto the counter because I needed room on the other counter and tossed them there. Needless to say, the apple slices felt very uncomfortable in such surroundings and begged to be moved.

Men in their native environment - arguing about football.

Handyman as commissioner got to load everyone's choices into the computer. This is his favorite spot in the whole house.

The guys stayed until about midnight, and seemed to all have a really great time. I'm so glad my Handyman got to hang out and have fun. For all the wise cracks I make about him, my man works very hard and rarely has free/fun time, so times like these are really special to both of us. Since I get to often party with my gal pals, it's nice for him to cut loose occaionally too with his minions!


Flipfloppingmamma said...

Was there any screaming??? Were there any bats??? How boring!

Ellen said...

I LOVE THIS BLOGPOST!! This is your all time funniest post yet, in my humble opinion. Go Rachel, keep the sentences rolling. It puts a smile on my face and I couldn't stop laughing. How did you pull this off while fighting a migrane?

All Natural Mama said...

Nate & the boys had a great time! It was the longest draft in history, lol.