Thursday, September 24, 2009

Too Funny!

I have to admit I love Beyonce's song, "Single Ladies", so when I saw this version posted on Youtube, I had to share. (You might want to post the musicplayer on the sidebar first, and if you're reading this on Facebook, click here to view it on my blog)

Here's the original link:

And here's the spoof:


Leah said...

That was hysterical. Made my day. Thanks for sharing. and now... I must share as well. :)

Kit-bert: evil HR Director said...

Love it Rach! funny that you're adding this on your blog b/c I just came across a youtube vid of this song that I just posted on FB - I'll post on my blog too....its so cute! LOL

Ellen said...


Ellen said...

Wow! I want to see Handyman dance to that one like those guys. That would really make my day!!! :)