Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Climber

Some women have kids have kids who are Biters, or Whiners.

I have a Climber.
Climber - noun: meaning one who climbs everything in sight, no matter how practical or stupid it might be for that individual to attempt doing so.
I swear I'm going to put bricks in that boy's diapers.

*Sigh*. Excuse me. I have to get him off of the book shelf now.


Ellen said...

That's my boy, baby Gaby. What a guy; wonder what he is "up to" now??

All Natural Mama said...

I know! I have 3 climbers. I swear it's just a curiousity thing.

Too Little Time said...

Oh I am so sorry!! -- mine were not climbers - if there was a CHANCE they might hurt themselves, ummm that was enough to stop them. Like their momma that way

TuttleTime said...

His long distance twin is right there with him...a little less adventurous, but she loves to stand on our dining room chairs...and screech like Tarzan when she gets up there. :)

PLEASE be sure all upstairs windows are locked or he will be on the roof.... :)

Ellen said...

WOW.... and I thought Lil was a climber! She's got nothing on Gabe!! Definitely keeps you on your toes, huh?

Liz Foley said...

Sigh* - I feel your pain. I am exhausted all the time lately... These little men are going to break us.