Monday, October 5, 2009

PW's Scarf

In November, I and a few gal pals are planning to make the trek to see our dearly departed friend, Flip Flopping Mama. Included in this whirlwind tour of one day is a scheduled visit to St. Louis to go shopping, fondle yarn, and see Pioneer Woman at her cookbook signing.

Since we are all avid reader's of PW's blog, Flip Flopping Mama and I decided to contribute a bit of handknit cheer to the woman who has provided so many hours of hysterical laughter. F-F Mama (I'm getting tired of typing all that out, sorry) is knitting her some gorgeous fingerless gloves (because PW is a photographer, and it's hard to photograph with stuff on your fingers), and I'm knitting her a matching scarf.

This pattern was so much fun to knit (Just Enough Ruffles), and I whipped it out in (get this) TWO DAYS. Yes! A shorter scarf worked on size 9 needles is a pretty fast piece, and great for mindless knitting. It's just simple stockinette worked with short rows and a ruffle added on last.
PW has red hair, which can making matching something a bit difficult. F-F Mama and I debated using a black yarn, but that wouldn't work well with a black coat, so we ultimately decided to go with the always lovely Caron Simply Soft Heathers in the Truffle colorway.
Okay, scarf done, gloves almost done, now time to line up some baby sitters (*ahem* suckers) and pack our bags!



Too Little Time said...

I wish I was going too! I've made "just enough ruffels" also -- great pattern and yes a quickie :) In fact, just finnished one for my SIL for christmas

Flipfloppingmamma said...

yeah...the gloves are no where being done.

......and I'm not dancing the Hoochee Koochee, and will not be your tootsie wootsie.

Wanna go and see where they filmed that movie?? It's in the hood? lol!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely scarf! It's very sweet of you to make it for PW. I'm sure she would love it since she likes ruffles so much. She should wear it on her book signing gigs! Just not on dates with MM!

All Natural Mama said...

It turned out great!

TuttleTime said...

Cute scarf...I wish I could go to St. Louis with you guys!!! What are the dates again. I keep forgetting.