Thursday, October 15, 2009

Malabrigo and Gretel

After living in denial for the last three months, I have finally come to (partially) accept that winter might again be here for it's horrific onslaught of vexation and frostbite.

Being caught outdoors wearing only a light jacket while snow fell around me might perhaps have something to do with my erudite discovery.

(And yes, I was also wearing pants and shirt and other accouterments. I just couldn't figure out how to imply all that in the aforementioned paragraph.)

When I finally got home and thawed out, I headed straight for my stash to begin knitting myself a hat, since I have to this point been sadly hatless - a very shocking state for a knitter to be in.
I've been saving a beautiful little skein of malabrigo magic for just such a project. This yarn (named Terracotta) is the stuff of poetic bliss. Stroking its luscious fibers is liking having a massage, getting a really good hair cut, winning the lottery, getting free volunteer babysitter services, and being given a lifetime supply of dark chocolate all at once.

Heady stuff, if you know what I mean, with pun fully intended.

(I'll pause for the groans).
This hat is called Gretel, and is a nice little cabled number that is designed to be a slouchy hat. I think the yarn is a bit too variegated to do the cables justice, but I don't really care, as I am in love with all things malabrigo.
I'm glad I only knit the Regular size, because after I gave it a gentle washing and just let it air dry without any real blocking, it ballooned to twice it's size.

Still, I'm pleased with the results. I got it knit in two days, had four yards of yarn to spare (juuuust squeaked this hat out of one skein, woo-hoo!), and since it's nice and floppy in the back, I won't have to fret about hat hair. (I think I'll give the edges a crochet tighten-up, though, so it stays on a bit more firmly.)
Lovely hat and exquisite yarn to combat wretched weather blues.

Excuse me while I bury my face in my hat for the next nine months.


Too Little Time said...

I LOVE malabrigo!!! for me its nicer than cashmere. Enjoy your hat, hopefully for a very short time period -- we haven't seen snow yet but it is cold!

All Natural Mama said...

Love that yarn.
You look very French!

Ellen said...

That yarn is GORGEOUS! And the hat is so pretty on you... LOVE IT!

Dave and Ali said...

Cool hat and great yarn! I'll have to start blogging about knitting again.