Saturday, December 26, 2009


Before I left for the Sunny South, some of my friends gave me great gifts, which I thought rather hilarious when put together as an ensemble.

Nikki made me this amazing necklace. Isn't it cool? She dyed the pearls by persuading the oysters to be silver instead of pearl, and then strung the beads in between silver ribbon. I just LOVE it, and it's fast becoming one of my most used pieces of jewelry.
Then, my canning cohort All Natural Mama gave me this incredible hand sewn apron. I was so stunned! An apron is especially appropriate for me because 1) I am a very messy cook, 2) I am messy, and 3) I like to cook. Best yet, the colors are so chipper and cheery! Every time I put this on I feel like adopting an annoying fake British accent and breaking out with a galloping round of "Chim-chiminy".
(Don't ask me why. Some songs just mean different things to different people. "Chim-chiminy" means "I'm going to be annoyingly happy and irritate the rest of the morning people around me at my own peril.")

So, with my posh pearls, chipper apron, and a practical pair of three inch heels, I'm all set!

Heh. Right.


All Natural Mama said...

lol yep you're all atired to be a true 1950s housewife.

TuttleTime said...

Yes, you have to get a picture of you in the kitchen with the apron and pearls! :))

Dawn said...

That necklace is so hip! I think I will make a bracelet like it.