Wednesday, December 30, 2009

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

. . . Okay, so it was several hours earlier than night, but on the day before Christmas, we got together to enjoy a wonderful meal which was an odd combination of Dutch and Hawaiian cultures.

My Mum's parents, whom we call Oma and Opa, immigrated from Holland when my Mum was a baby, and they've kept much of their Dutch heritage alive. (Since I was born I've had it religiously drilled into me that "You're not much if you're not Dutch", an unfortunate circumstance for most of the world's population.)
See those two Dutch women hunched over the stove? They look like they're discussing cookery, but believe it not. They are concocting dastardly ways to pull practical jokes on various unsuspecting family members.

Mum made the most delicious croquettes I have ever tasted, which were a mix of special herbs and spices (including mace) and ground pork which was then deep friend until crispy. Basically they're meatballs as God intended them to taste.

Gabe and my Opa seemed to hit it off well.
As I stare at this picture, it suddenly occurs to me where Miss Boo gets her snarky streak from . . .
Good thing all that skipped a generation!


Ellen said...

Skipped a generation? Not likely. The snarky gene has intensified as it mingled with the Hawaiian DNA it went haywire!

Ellen said...

LOL at your Mom's comment! ;) I love these pics! Your Oma and Opa seem like some of the most extraordinary and special people! What a blessing that your children are able to spend such good quality time with them.

TuttleTime said...

Oh, didn't skip anything. I can recall a little "Banna-like Dramamama" when she was 4 yrs old. :)