Friday, December 11, 2009

Peter's Pokemon Party

Are you impressed with my use of alliteration?

My sweet little boy celebrated his sixth birthday this year, and for a theme he begged me to throw him a Pokemon Party. (Frankly, he doesn't really know anything about Pokemon, other than that he likes Pikachu. However, he was not to be deterred.)
Now, I would like to take a moment to apologize for all the blurry photos that I will force upon you. Please remember that this was a birthday party involving boys, and worse yet, boys who have been stuffed with candy, feted with cake and ice cream, and then told to "have a wonderful time".

I think I did a very wise thing with the order of games. I ranked them by their degree of craziness, and started with the most subdued games first and finished with the most wild. So, while we waited for all Peter's little buddies to arrive, I had Pokemon coloring pages and crayons ready and waiting.
After that, the kids got to play "Pin the Tail on the Pikachu".
(You can barely see the little yellow creature on the far wall in back. I meant to get a better picture, because it turned out so cute, but unfortunately Gabe ripped it off the wall before I managed to get that done.)
After that game was done, they had to search all around the house to find the "gold coins" (foil wrapped chocolates in the shapes of coins) that BiL Mike and his girlfriend Amanda had hidden around the house.
I'm rather surprised that there were any coins that could be held up. Most of them were eaten before I could get a picture taken.

This is Amanda, BiL Mike's girlfriend. We like her. So does Mike. She seems to like Mike too, but don't worry, she's otherwise quite rational and sane.
The next game we played was a race that involved putting on a complete wardrobe of Handyman's clothes over their own clothes and racing back to their teammates until everyone had a turn. Watching 4 foot little boys trying to run in Handyman's 6 foot pants was pretty funny!
After that, they got to pop the "Pokeballs" (balloons). Each balloon had a piece of candy in it, and one balloon had a special sticker that entitled the finder to an extra special treat, which was a box of M&M's. They couldn't use their hands, and could only pop the balloons with their bottoms.
This was very entertaining to watch.

The piece de resistance of the party was the huge Pokeball pinata that the kids and I had made. I purposefully made it as thick and strong as possible so that it would take awhile to break. I didn't want it to break on the first swing!
Breanna was disturbingly adept at wielding that axe. She seems to have an affinity with weapons.
All the kids were quite eager to show off their manly muscles and prowess.
The pinata was stuffed with several bags of candy, so when it finally broke, complete chaos broke out.

To get things settled down again, we served cake and ice cream. The cake is my own homemade little concoction, but Peter seemed to like it well enough.
Finally we got to Peter's favorite part of the party, the presents. Handyman and I don't get our kids a birthday present, because we consider the party their present due to the expense and amount of work that goes into it. It all ends up working out anyway, because Peter got so many nice gifts from his little buddies that he had more than enough to keep him occupied for quite awhile!
Before the kids went home, they got their gift bags which were stuffed to the brim with candy. At the door I passed out little kazoo noisemakers so that they could inflict their candy-induced over -stimulation upon their poor unsuspecting parents.
(Evil grin) Isn't it nice to share?!


Leah said...

It looks like he had a blast! Parties are so much fun! At least at the end when you get to send everyone home. that's my favorite part, at least. :)

Ellen said...

OMG this looks like pandemonium on a grand scale! Petsey looks like he's having a blast :)

Ellen said...

What a great party! Happy Birthday, Peter!

TuttleTime said...

I love the fact that Peter is wearing yellow, the color of Pikachu. As a scrapbooking mom, I am sure you planned that on purpose. :)

I am sure we could hear the candy-indused craziness from down here! Looks like Petesy had a great time. Great job on the cake! Looked just like Pikachu!