Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Thanksgiving with Handyman's Clan

For Thanksgiving this year we drove north to meet up with the rest of Handyman's family. He's got a large family, since he has 7 brothers and 1 sister, and several brothers are married and have kids of their own. We make quite a group!
Brother-in-law Joe kindly offered the use of his church building for our gathering. His building was very impressive. There were not only things to do like play pool, ping pong, and watch tv, but . . .
. . . . the bathroom had orchids on the wall borders. Very nice indeed. (Only a blogger takes a photo of the border in a bathroom. We are an odd bunch.)

That's Jason the Cop on the left, Joe the Pepsi Driver is in the middle, and Tom the Available is on the right.
Did I mention that Joe works for Pepsi? He kindly provided all the drinks . . .
(He has good taste).

Speaking of taste, the food was great, and best yet, everyone was wise enough not to ask me to make turkey or ham, as I am rather famous for my inability to properly cook either one.
I brought the requisite pineapple, and made bread and a vat of potatoes that could feed Ghengis Khan's minions for a month.

Lots of fun!


Ellen said...

Please explain: Why did the pepsi driver bring coke, has the unattached male buried you in his back yard yet?, can you make that bread for Christmas?, do you really like that wallpaper?,

Nikki said...

I'm with Ellen...can you make me a loaf or 12 of that bread for Christmas?? :oP said...

Sounds like a great time - - hope you have a very happy holiday season :) Karrie

TuttleTime said...

"Ghengis Khan's minions??" LOL...Rach, how do you come up with those things??

I can't cook a turkey, but I could do a ham in a crockpot. :)

What kind of bread was that...looks yummy.