Saturday, January 30, 2010

FlipFlopping Around Southern Illinois

After leaving my Aunt and Uncle's house in Memphis, Tennessee, the three kids and I headed further north to visit my dearly departed friend Flipflopping Mama. This part of the journey should have taken six hours, but due to no phone service (which I am convinced is the fault of hidden malevolent spirits hiding in the corn fields around FFM's house), terrible Mapquest directions, and general directional amnesia on my part, the trip took closer to seven hours.
Once we got there and were comfortably settled in, my children made themselves at home and (just as they do at home) proceeded to destroy the house. When they had finished that adolescent prime directive they then ate all of Flipflopping Mama's delicious cookies.

(Side rant here: I went home and made the same cookies from the same recipe using the same ingredients, and my cookies were not as good. The recipe comes from a Southern Gal, and FFM is a Southern Gal. The only thing I can figure is that the cookies will only come out right if I read the recipe with a thick southern accent first.)

That evening I threatened my children with bodily harm and sent them off to bed, and FFM and I sat down to knit and enjoy a wonderful episode of the PBS series, Cranford.

The next morning we woke up and took the children to a nearby McDonald's so that they could play and we could also play in relative peace. (I will refrain from venting about the child that decided to use my baby as a chew toy.)

I thought this was humorous.Seriously? They should put a similar sign in the front of McDonald's that says, "No eating, no drinking, no consuming of unnecessary calories".

We were met there by one of Lynn's new friends whom she calls, "The Other Rachel". At first I was a little hurt to be so easily replaced, but once I met my replacement I was totally cool with it. Now I understand how people feel when their life story is played by, say, Julia Roberts. I can be down with that.
Of course, you realize that the above photo was completely fake. It's like taking a picture of a chimpanzee in the zoo.

Wildlife should be viewed in their natural habitat.


'Melissa Cleo' said...

I've seen similar signs like that...they never fail to illicit a disbelieving chuckle & condescending shake of the head!
Not sure if I introduced myself in a previous comment. Aactually can't remember if I've commented yet...must be the 3 children ages 5 and younger issue ;)
Anyhow, your mother is my son's science teacher at Southside. Simply put, we love her. :) She's spoken so wonderfully of you that when I heard that you had a blog, I jumped at the chance to meet you!

haley said...

How could you do this to your friend? A person who took you into her home, fed you, knitted alongside you, (can be a very intimate act...aka the culture of women.) I, on the other hand was complete stranger haha whom I can only assume you did not like very much. Haahaa. I mean who takes pictures and then says, "Oh don't worry. I won't put this on my blog. I wouldn't do that to you." Haha Now I know that you are just like every other addict... You will lie to protect your addictions. Knitting and Blogging. Is nothing sacred? I mean, honestly, didn't I alert you that your child was in the grips of a rabid toddler? HAHA Enjoyed your visit! Looking forward to next one.