Friday, January 22, 2010

Fun, Floral, and Fruity

My friend All-Natural Mama gave me such a beautiful apron for Christmas that I was inspired to sew a matching apron for Miss Boo. Each evening the kids take turns helping me cook dinner, and I thought that it would make the time spent together seem even more special if they had a special apron to wear that matched mine. (Of course, I still need to make one for Peter, as he flatly refuses to put this one on.)
Along with an embarrassingly large stash of yarn, I have an only-slightly-less embarassingly large stash of fabric, from which I found enough of this fabric to sew three little aprons. One is for Miss Boo, another one is a birthday present for her little friend Emma Kate, and the third one I've put up for sale on Etsy (click here to see the shop).

I used some satin ribbon to sew ties for the waist and neck so that the apron will fit a wide range of sizes.
I can't resist embellishing things, so I sewed on a little silk flower as a finishing touch.
I think this is definitely something that will get lots of love and use!
I have enough fabric to make another one, so if you see that this one is already sold in the shop, contact me and I can make one to fit your specifications. I'd probably give a discount, too, if I sold both to the same person, so just remind me.


All Natural Mama said...


Ellen said...

Super cute! Cooking's fun to begin with, but when you get to wear something as beautiful as that while doing it - oh, the fun! ;)

TuttleTime said...

I think I want one of those for Mike....with a matching one for Michelle. :) Ha. That would really make cooking fun. :)