Friday, February 26, 2010


I knew from the outset when I started knitting the Snowflake Sweater as my Olympic Project that I wouldn't do the entire long sleeves as called for in the pattern. I find that a full sleeved sweater is just too hot to wear indoors, so I like to knit short sleeves or none at all and layer with a nice burnout tee underneath the sweater.

I knit one sleeve, but had some problems sewing it onto the armhole. Somehow either my gauge changed drastically or the pattern wasn't quite right, because I had to gather the should quite tightly in order to get the sleeve to fit into the armhole.
This made the sleeve bunch up in an Anne-of-Green-Gables "puffed sleeve" sort of way that is all very well and good for Anne, but not me.

So, before going to the drastic effort of ripping the sleeve out, I decided to just knit a simple ribbing onto the other shoulder to see which shoulder I liked better. I'm glad I did this, because once I saw the effect in the mirror, I realized that going around wearing football pad shoulders isn't quite in my line of fashion.
I'll have pictures up soon of the finished project, hopefully taken with a clean, smudge-free camera lens!


Ellen said...

looks nice to me!