Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Men are Coming Baaaaaack!!!!!

My parents recently bought a beautiful little hobby farm in the Sunny South, and asked Handyman to come down and help them move and put his handy skills to use in building (putting up?) fences, fixing doors, erecting chicken tent thingys, and alpaca holdings.
(Hands in belt loops) Yup, what can I say, I taught the man everything he knows!

Well, that was three, yes three long weeks ago. I have been bereft of my two biggest men for THREEEEEEEEEEE WEEEEEEEKS! (Which might explain the increasingly neurotic blog posts). Knowing the destructive tendencies of his progeny, Handyman didn't want to leave me alone with all three kids, so he decided to take my oldest, Peter, with him as a sort of Daddy-son bonding trip.

Peter was an old pro when it came to knowing what to do with the catastrophic and monumental (2 inches) snowfall that occurred while he was there. (Please note the heavy dose of sarcasm).
He played outside a lot (which is what Handyman told me), and video games a lot (which is what my Mum told me.)
They did school together as well as getting to do some special science labs with my Mum (who is hands down the coolest science teacher EV-UH.)
He played with the 7 alpacas, three dogs, and five humans, and showed off his mad "T-Rex Stomping" skills.
There have been reports of sleeping with Peter's pillow while he was gone, but no admittance of guilt is forthcoming.

They're coming back tomorrow morning, and I'm so excited I could scream.

And cry.

And panic because the house is a mess and I will lose all moral high ground with Handyman if he comes home and the house is a mess. My elaborate hypothesis that he makes a majority of the mess would then be proven false.


TuttleTime said...

I love it...Hurry, clean the house! :)

Rachel said...

Oh wow! I'd go insane before three days were up - let alone three weeks!! I hope y'all have an amazing celebration-to-all-be-back-together weekend!!!

Ellen said...

Just send the pillow to me because I am already missing my Sweetsie Petsey, Peter Weter Man, and flying Banshee Boy.

All Natural Mama said...

I cannot believe Andy got to wear short sleeves down there. We are so deprived. I am sick, sick, sick of winter. Yes, I did notice the green grass in his short-sleeve picture as well (grrrr).
Your parents new land looks amazing. The picture with the snow-topped trees is beautiful.
Hope their journey home is safe!!!

'Melissa Cleo' said...

I'm with Rachel's comment above: I'd go insane after 3 days for my son. As for the hubby, would take about a week. ;) Sam's penning Peter a letter thanking him for having him over to play. We can either mail it to you, or if you'd rather your Illinois whereabouts remain anonymous, we can give to the "coolest-science-teacher-in-the-world" to mail to you. ;) BTW, everybody here thinks she's the greatest science teacher in the world! What a set of footprints she's leaving in the lives of her students...of you, her children and grandchildren! Shoot, of all who meet her!!! As you can probably tell, we're also Kahue Fans! LOL!
P.S. Weather hit 60 today. :) I used to live in Alaska: I miss me some winter-weather sports! Grass always seems to be greener on the other side! :)