Saturday, February 13, 2010

Flower Power

Poor Miss Boo. She has such a funny little personality, but when it comes to her personal appearance . . . let's just say that she inherited her mother's hair.
Her hair is too thin to hold a hair clip. (Believe me, I've tried every one out there!) So, I came up with a nice easy solution that looks super girly and cute on her - flower headbands!
These were so easy to make it's ridiculous. I bought a five-pack of multicolored stretchy hair bands from Walmart, got a nice silk flower to match the color of the hairband, and glued the flower onto it!
Once the glue was dried, I cut the back of the flower (that was sticking through the hairband) a tad shorter so it wouldn't dig into Miss Boo's head. Boo likes fashion, but she's not willing to suffer for it!

She has a few more in other colors, but I couldn't find them in time to get the photos in this post.
(If you're going to try to make some for yourself (or your baby), I'd stick to flat flowers like dahlias or daisies. Roses look pretty but they stick up too far from the base and look odd. Also, you can use a hot glue gun if you're impatient, or regular Elmer's glue if you don't mind waiting a bit for it to dry.)


~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

F chord in 2nd inversion it is! 1,000 points to you! :)

'Melissa Cleo' said...

You are waaaay too crafty for your own good. ;( What an AMAZING idea!!! I, too, have a daughter with ultra-fine, thin hair. However, I just returned from Hellmart...whoops! Meant Wal-Mart...will have to pick the items up my next go-around. Thanks for sharing! Your Miss Boo looks adorably pretty in the headband, btw. :)

P.S. Sam (my son) had a BLAST with Peter yesterday!!!! Thanks so much for sharing your little guy!!! :)

'Melissa Cleo' said...

I should have proofread like I normally do before posting...that sad, winking face at the end of the first sentence is supposed to be a happy winking face!!! :)