Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spring Tableau

Two weeks ago I was walking by my dining room table when I realized that I still had my Christmas tablecloth and pine arrangements still out. I am very fashionably astute, and it slowly dawned on me that keeping one's Christmas arrangements out until next Christmas is not something that most people do.

(Although I am part Portuguese, which in Hawaii means that I have a genetic predisposition to year-long Christmas displays.)

Spring is a difficult time of year for me. While the rest of my family in the Sunny South is enjoying daffodils and warmer weather, I still have three months of frigid temps and dead stuff outside to look forward to. Somehow putting up sticks in a vase didn't appeal to me.

So, after scrounging around in my little crafting corner in the basement, I came up with this tableau of sorts.
I found quite a few items that fit into a seagreen and sea blue color scheme. I love how airy and cheerful it makes the room look!
My selection of happy houseplants is rather thin right now (they're all as depressed about the weather as I am), so I had to stick to cuttings of hanging plants which I plunked into the blue glass jars.
The cuttings are slowly starting to root in the water, so in a month or so I'll be able to repot them and start another hanging plant! Bonus!

I like to have another little display on the counter island, so I put together a few of the things I already had on hand. (Had to use my birds. I just love my dollar store birds!)

When some of my friends came over for a movie night to watch the new PBS series Emma, I was able to make a nice little table setting to make everything look cheery.
When watching a Jane Austen adaptation one must be well fortified with tea, chocolate, and of course, scones.


Acornbud said...

Looks like spring!

TuttleTime said...

Very Martha-ish... :) Love it.

'Melissa Cleo' said...

You have your mother's "plant touch". :)

Ellen said...

Looks beautiful and a get-together to watch movies sounds like so much fun! :0

All Natural Mama said...

Very pretty.
Thanks for having us over! I think I ate most of those cucumber sandwiches myself, lol.