Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A New Design

I just love cables, and it's been awhile since I knit something for my little Peter, so I whipped up a sweater for him a few months ago that I'm calling "Sweet Afton". I might try submitting the pattern for sale, but if you're interested in test knitting this I can send you the pattern for free, so just contact me.

I'm a little disappointed with the way the yarn has held up. Caron Simply Soft is usually a wonderful choice for children's sweaters because of the cost and softness, but this sweater is starting to fuzz up a lot more than I was expecting. *Sigh*. Time to pull out the sweater stone and start de-fuzzing!

Oh well, at least Peter is thrilled with it! He pretty much wears it as often as I will let him!


'Melissa Cleo' said...

Ellen's roght...you are one skilled artisan!!!! AWESOME sweater...one of my fave colors too!!!! :)

hakucho said...

The sweater is awesome, BUT I so did not want to hear about the "fuzz". I picked simply soft for my BIG cable blanket project because I though it would hold up nicely. Sorry to hear that :(

Sereknitty said...

Love the colour and the cables!

Ellen said...

Love the little guy inside the sweater. What a sweety he is. Love the sweater too.