Friday, March 5, 2010

Aldi's Flowers

My family just loves the grocery store chain Aldi's. (I think my Aunt Erna would be a spokesperson for free.) To say that something comes from Aldi's is tantamount to it having a golden seal from Good Housekeeping.

Anyway, Aldi's always carries really nice flowers for such a cheap price that lately I've started adding two bunches to every grocery list. The flowers last a good two to three weeks and really brighten up the house!
Two bunches costs around $8 and makes enough for one really nice full bouquet and a smaller bouquet for the piano or bedroom. In the winter when everything is dreary, it's so nice to have a touch of color!
(Ignore the knitting bag in the bottom corner of the photo. Knitting is a diva and likes to be in on every photo shoot.)


Ellen said...

I miss shopping at Aldi's!! Wish they had them up here! Those bouquets are gorgeous.

Nikki said...

Ummm, ok, I feel like an idiot. I go to Aldi's weekly and I have NEVER seen flowers there...EVER. I had no clue they even sold them! LOL