Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pool Fun!

On Saturdays I try to take my kids to the pool at my gym. It's a pool more geared for swimming laps than playing toddlers, but we make the best of it anyway.
Last fall I picked up this little floating island for $3, and it's really come in handy (the island, not Boo. She's handy too, but she cost a lot more than $3).
Most of the time Gabe uses it, but occasionally Princess Boo decides it's her turn to float around a'la Cleopatra.
I tried to get a good picture of Peter, but since he spends more time underwater than above, that was a bit difficult and I was starting to fear for my camera's life. Holding a wriggling baby in one hand and a not-water-friendly camera in the other makes for some interesting maneuvers!


Ellen said...

I know what that's like taking three little ones to the pool and it wipes me out just thinking about it! Congrats. on not dropping the camera into the pool :)

Ellen said...

Fun, fun! Indoor pools are a MUST in our long winters! I am with your mom - Congrats on not getting the camera wet!! ;) Can't get over how big the kids are getting!

'Melissa Cleo' said...

Thanks so much for the info. and blog url's about making fabric flowers!

Am with both Ellen' AMAZED you didn't drop the camera!!! Just another one of those hats we don, eh??? ;) (Juggler that is!)