Monday, March 1, 2010

Citrus and Gray

. . . are the hot new colors for this summer, or at least that's what the fashion experts say. Frankly, I'd have no clue this is the case except for my fashionable friend Elise who dropped that nugget of information on me.
Since I'm currently in the midst of a ruffle mania, I happily trotted off to Salvation Army to get a nice simple tee. I was thrilled to find this one for $3!(Well, it didn't have a ruffle on it at the time. Imagine it without the ruffle.)

I picked up a gray silk scarf for $1 and tore it up and made two ruffles which I sewed onto the the neck edge.
I rather like the shabby chic look of the un-hemmed ruffle edge, so I just tore it into strips before gathering the fabric.

I had planned to let the ruffle dangle a bit down the middle of the shirt, but after trying on the shirt I thought it looked too much like a bad men's tie or something so I twisted the excess fabric around a knot and made a rosette.(Ignore the loose thread. Pretend that I'm an accomplished seamstress who would notice such a thing as a loose thread and immediately snip off the offending item before taking a close-up photo.)

The little loops were the hemmed edges of the scarf (which I had torn off) and hand sewn over the sewn edge of the ruffle to hide the fact that I forgot to change my thread color and sewed on the ruffle with white thread. Whoops! (See the above paragraph for explanation as to how it is possible not to notice that white thread is being sewn onto dark gray fabric). It was serendipitous after all, because I had enough hemming left to create the loops on the rosette.

I can't wait to pair this with a long-sleeved burnout tee and my lovely necklace from Nikki's Nifty Knacks!


Kit-bert: "semi" eevil HR Director said... and gray? I never knew that either - good to know! I love orange, brown and turquoise blue (those are the colors of my sitting room/den). And as always, I love reading your blog posts, Rach - makes me smile, laugh and miss you tons! :) xoxo

All Natural Mama said...

You will be so fashionable this summer with all these cool ruffled clothes you're making... I won't be fit to stand next to you.
I'll have to make sure there are a few feet between us everywhere we go, or else I'll have to get my sewing machine humming along soon.
Such cool stuff you've been making!!!!

Renee said...

It's really quite disgusting how amazing you are at so many things. Ugh! Leave something for the rest of us!! :) Love the tee! You'll be starting your own fashion line soon!

Ellen said...

Do you ever wonder where Boo gets her Diva from??? Just imagine what you were like as a kid. Its a wonder I had any scissors or tape anywhere in the house within a 100' radius of you.