Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Backward Progress

I always like to have a sock on the needles, because they make the perfect portable knitting project. Small, compact, and generally rather brainless knitting (depending on the complexity of the pattern, of course).

It's been awhile since I knit Handyman a pair of socks, mainly because it's taken me a year or so to recover from the trauma of knitting socks for a man who has skis for feet. Another reason is that knitting for men is generally boring. No fancy colors, no cool swirls, no paroxysms of rainbow shading.

My favorite go-to pattern for a man's sock is the Dolomite Sock from Knitspot. I was fortunate enough to have test knit the pattern for her, and it's so fun and not too difficult to memorize.
I was merrily knitting away, well-pleased with my progress and feeling especially wifely and sweet when I noticed that the sock I was knitting was starting to look rather large. As I said earlier, Handyman has skis for feet - long and skinny. Drat. Only then did I remember that the last time I knit the pattern (I knit a size large) it was a little too floppy on Handyman's anemic feet.
I blame my lapse of knitting know-how entirely on trauma-induced amnesia. I have a feeling that this experience is going to be a repeat of the last.

Here's my progress as of now after several hours of intense knitting. . .


Too Little Time said...

Aghhhhh..... I understand! My DH likes to have a 7 inch rib leg before the beginning of the heal turn makes for forever knitting.

Ellen said...

OUCH. Sorry.