Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rosette Headband

~1 Rosette Headband - finished price $.35~

I had about a yard of black satin ribbon left from refashioning my black shoes, so I decided to use it to make a hair band.

After making the rosette, I hot glued it onto a hair band that I'd bought from the Dollar Tree. (5 for a dollar - great bargain!).
I used a small square of ribbon to glue on the underside of the hair band to help hold the rosette onto the thin head band, and to ensure the rosette didn't feel lumpy on my head. I might have lumps in my head, but none on, thank you very much. One must have one's limits, after all.

It still didn't seem quite right to me with just the black rosette, so I rummaged through my small collection of beading bits and pieces and found a short length of a necklace I had taken apart for another project. Perfect!
Using some needle and thread I sewed the necklace bits onto a small pile in the center of the rosette.
I'm so happy with the way this came out! Best yet, the headband, along with being cheap, is flexible. I don't care for plastic headbands because I can't adjust them if they're too tight, but these little metal ones can hold their shape!


Ellen said...

You're soooooo creative! Love it.

Rachel said...