Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tutu for Miss Boo-boo Tutorial

Miss Boo has been taking ballet lessons for the first time, and since she is in all things Diva Personified, she insisted that "she needed a tutu or she could never show her face again" (followed up with a dramatic wilting sigh of unspeakable sorrow and woe).
Tutus cost around $15 at K-mart, but I figured I could make her one that would cost less and be a little more cute.

To start, measure your Ballerina's tummy. You'll want the tutu to be twice the width of her tummy. (I'm using the pronoun "her" because while I know there are plenty of young men who do ballet, so far as I am aware none of them wear tutus.) My daughter is 4 and a 3/4 yard of fabric was plenty.
You will need two strips that are the same length, but one will be wider than the other by two inches.
If your fabric is the kind that might fray, I'd suggest hemming both strips before you go any further. It's much easier to hem the strips before they're all bunched up and ready to dance off the sewing table.
Sew both strips together (one on top of the other) lengthwise. Then, roll that sewn edge down about 1/2" to create a tube for the elastic.
Sew down the edge of the tube with a zig zag stitch, leaving about two inches unsewn so that you can insert the elastic into the tube.
Referring to the measurement of your Ballerina's tummy, cut a length of elastic just slightly smaller than that measurement. (Side note: if your fabric is thicker, you might need to shorten the elastic even more so that it pulls the fabric tight enough to stay up. Oh to be young and not have hips that could hold up ten hula hoops!) Use a safety pin to help you slide the elastic all the way through the tubing, being careful not to pull the end into the tubing.
Once your elastic is through, sew the ends of the elastic together and finish sewing the tubing down.
That's it! Prima Ballerina ready!


Acornbud said...

So cute! Every family needs a little ballerina. Nice tutorial.

Nikki said...

Yay!!! You linked!!!!!!!! Next time tho...when it says "name" put the name of your project instead of your actual name. (took me a month to learn that, so I just saved you 3 weeks of headaches lol) :)

All Natural Mama said...

Cute pics of Miss Boo!

Kit-bert: "semi" eevil HR Director said...

aww so cute!! I read this the other day and "almost" bought this tutu I saw at the store for Miss Boo (but I'm on wedding budget mode so I very sadly had to resist the urge to buy it for her) This is very cute though! our lil diva Boo is a ballerina!! awwww :)

Sachiko said...

Beautiful! Your tutorial is very nice. Thank you for linking to my party!

Renee said...

Love it! Once again... you are just TOO talented. I'm very jealous. :)