Monday, May 10, 2010

Matching Melee

Easter always seems to catch my by surprise every year, usually because I'm so caught up with the glorious aftermath of my Favorite Holiday. That means that the Saturday before Easter I'm scrambling to find outfits for my family that look suitably "Easter-ish". The typical result is that we end up wearing whatever is nicest, and the odds are that "nicest" means our Christmas outfits. Thankfully I have a very blithe and active Anti-Conscience that whispers in my ear that it's cold here in April, so the kids shouldn't wear those skimpy little Easter outfits anyway. Who cares if they wear clothes with candy canes and evergreen trees splashed across the fabric four months after Christmas?

(Crickets chirping).

This year, though, this year was different.

We matched.

Boo's dress is probably the best sewing I've ever done (and this was not exactly an easy pattern; lots of tulle, fully lined, piping in a coordinating fabric, and *shudder* zippers).

For Peter and Gabe, I made matching ties from a WONDERFUL free tutorial I found online. I've purchased a tie pattern before, but it was so weird and didn't make sense to me. Thankfully this online tutorial has lots and lots of pictures. I need things broken up into dummy steps. (The more kids you have the more brain loss a mother suffers. That's my excuse. It has nothing to do with the glass of vodka before bed every night). I used the same pattern for Peter and Gabe's ties, except that I copied out Gabe's pattern at 80% so it'd be a bit smaller.

For myself, I made a simple flounced skirt with a gathered waist that ties. It's a super easy pattern, and although I rarely like print skirts (I like the print on the top, not on the skirt), I'm happy with this one. (Besides, I'll wear anything except skinny jeans if it means I get to flaunt my boots. I love boots.)

Handyman was the only family member left out of the Matching Melee (not including the animals. Notice that I didn't include him with the animals. I'm patting myself on the back for my restraint of sarcasm.) I didn't think he'd consent to wearing a floral tie and he already owned a nice blue striped shirt. I should have asked him his opinion though because he surprised me by saying he actually would wear a tie if it matched the rest of us. Of course, keep in mind that he is telling me this during church when he is quite safe from my decking him out in assorted Spring fripperies.
Look! We are wearing matching clothes! We are all clean! We are all present! (Meaning Gabe hasn't escaped from the building and taken off down the busy street yet). We are all smiling! (Sort of. Boo smiles in a snarky fashion). Peter is actually smiling in a realistic fashion and is standing upright instead of crouched over like a prehistoric caveman/dinosaur!

I am going to collapse on the couch in shock.


The Professor's Wife said...

I, also, get surprised by Easter and we are rarely "suitably Easter-ish" when the day comes. So I have a tremendous appreciation for the forethought and planning it took to pull that off. Good for you! You should be proud, Rach. You done good.

Kit-bert: "semi" eevil HR Director said...

Love these pictures of the fam!! and I love the matching outfits! I'm saving these pics to my screensaver! I love the facial expressions of the kids! hilarious! I can't wait to see you all SOON!! only 3 more weeks!! weeeeeeeee!! :)

Ellen said...

These pics are so great! ;) I love the matching outfits - you truly outdid yourself this year! ;)

Flipfloppingmamma said...

Look how cute...and normal...ya'll look! haha! ;) I think next year you should have a tie in your purse so when Handyman says 'of course I would wear a pink tie dear' you can whip it out and put it on him. harhar!

All Natural Mama said...

You all look beautiful!!!

Too Little Time said...

How very nice you all look -- great job !!! K