Saturday, June 19, 2010

Early Spring

I took these pictures several weeks ago when the kids and I made an impromptu visit to see Handyman at work. He was doing some repairs on Aunt G's house, and we figured it was a good time to see him in action. On further thought I also considered that if the kids destroyed something, at least he was already equipped to fix it.

Aunt G has a little dog which was very friendly. The kids were not used to a friendly pet, and were somewhat astonished to find that the animal didn't 1) bite them viciously and 2) actually seemed to encourage interaction.

(We have a cat called Rhapsody that is the world's biggest snot. She's a completely worthless piece of fluff, which means she'll most likely be with us for the next 20 years.)

Gabe found a lot of enjoyment with trying to put rocks in Aunt G's drain pipe. Evidently the Law of Gravity was new to him, because he kept laughing hysterically every time the rock rolled back out of the drain pipe.
Gabe was not at all pleased when Handyman put a stop to his experiments.

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Rachel said...

Okay, I'm kind of mad at you right now. We got all of the buildup of the amazing Platinum Wedding, and I was waiting...and waiting...and waiting for the wedding-itself post. But no post. I mean, I guess I understand that if you were IN the wedding, you couldn't be snapping pictures, but no stories about it? No nothing? (sigh)

I guess I should have come myself.


Cleo said...

You found my blog! YAY!!! SOOOOOO good to see your comments there!!! :)

I see you changed up the blog again, reverting back to the original with a few tweaks. I like it!

I also like your new profile pic!!!
Gorgeous you are! :)

That Gabe of yours has the poutiest lips EVER!!! LOL! :)