Thursday, June 17, 2010

Playdress for Miss Boo

No matter how many cute shorts and shirts I buy for my little Miss Boo, she still prefers to wear a nice breezy sundress for her outdoor activities.

(These activities can range from having an al fresco tea party to catching frogs. The modern princess is very versatile in her accomplishments.)

My favorite sort of sundress (other than a cute dress I can purchase cheaply) is one sewn using an old tee.
For this one, I cut off the stained portion of the tee (which was about 3 inches off the bottom) and sewed on a gathered skirt. I only needed 3/4 yard of fabric for the skirt, so this worked out to be a cheap dress project.

I didn't throw away the bit I cut off the bottom of the tee, though, because I cut the excess tee into long strips, sewed a running stitch to gather the fabric, and then sewed the gathered ruffled strips onto the skirt part of the dress.
I love how it came out! The little gathered ruffles on the bottom match the ruffles on the sleeves of the tee, and the fabric of the skirt matches the tee so perfectly it looks like it was made to go together!


Mizzle said...

That is so cute! :D

Rachel said...

WOW! Adorable!!!

Cleo said...

I mentioned how adorable these dresses you made for Boo were!

You know you could probably sell these on Etsy...seriously...they're that cute!

I'd buy one! :)