Saturday, June 12, 2010

Room at the Inn

Well, I suppose calling the Four Seasons an "Inn" isn't quite accurate, but I liked the title.

I also liked the room. In fact, I really liked the room service.

I liked it very, very much. I briefly considered hoisting the maid over my shoulder and running madly for my minivan, but opted out after further thought.

There were robes for us two big people and iddy biddy wee robes for the three little ones. These were unfortunately never used as my brood like to run around in the buff after their baths.
Speaking of baths . . .
(Gushing excitedly) There was a marble bathtub deep enough to fit all of me in it at one time!

Taking a relaxing hot bath is one of my favorite luxuries, and unfortunately my bath at home is a weeny little gadget that is roughly the size of an egg cup. (When I was pregnant a few winters ago, I found that trying to take a bath ended up with my boiling my bum and getting frostbite on my belly button. Odd situation, that.)

A little crib was provided for Gabe, along with diapers and a diaper bin.
They also gave complimentary snacks for the kids.
I have to mention the complimentary snacks, because I think they were the only complimentary things in the hotel. I started to discover that the more expensive the hotel, the less you get by way of "complimentary". I was shocked that there was no Complimentary Continental Breakfast available. I did manage to abscond with a purse full of fresh fruit that was conveniently sitting by the coffee tray in the lobby.

(I have a large purse.)

(Waving arms to attract attention) "Yo, Four Seasons Dudes, even Motel 8 gives you a bagel for breakfast!"

Thankfully there was a Starbucks (yay!) and a Bagel Brothers at the end of the corner, so the more frugal members of my family (i.e. those of Dutch Descent) ate there instead of the more expensive hotel restaurant.
It was a little difficult for the children, because there wasn't really a good place for them to play, but we were able to find an open spot on the terrace roof for them to run around.
(Facebook and email viewers will need to click here to see the video clip).

I was also able to add another nose hole shot for my collection. I think I'm starting a bit of a family tradition here . . .


Flipfloppingmamma said...

how do the bees know to stay INSIDE the little roped off area??

Flipfloppingmamma said...

how do the bees know to stay INSIDE the little roped off area??

Rachel said...

Wow that looks AWESOME!!!

And you are right about the complimentary thing...I bet they didn't have free wi-fi, either.

Kit-bert: "semi" eevil HR Director said...

I just love how Andy tells Gabe - "bees are dangerous, they will bite you and Gabe does a lil tap dance and then runs towards them" LOL so cute!

TuttleTime said...

The more I see all these posts, the more I miss everyone. Such a nice service was awesome!