Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rehearsing for the Big Event

The evening Rehearsal for the Big Event was interesting. All the children were present and behaving splendidly.

(If "behaving splendidly" meant rolling on the floor in the center of the room and doing elephant imitations).

The bride was her usual stunning self.

The groom seemed to find the bride mildly attractive.
The vows were practiced, which was a good thing, in case the Bride or Groom needed time to think about their response. "Hmmm, do I, or will I, or what is the usual mode of assent in this situation?"
My sister Angie had the dubious honor of standing next to my daughter Miss Boo during the ceremony. At certain points of the ceremony Angie was standing at different distances from Miss Boo, mainly because Miss Boo kept moving from location to location, completely oblivious to her mother's glaring eyes and snarling looks of promised wrath.
Perhaps it was the overwhelming aura of love in the air, but I do believe my brother's girlfriend Robin heard a Voice from On High. The Voice said something to the effect that she, Robin, was highly favored and must remain with The Joosh (my brother) and teach him in the ways of hygeine and etiquette.
The Joosh is one lucky dude. Not only does he have an amazing sister (me, to clarify matters further), but he has an amazing girlfriend.
After the rehearsal we piled into two buses kindly provided by the Bride and Groom (and maybe Groom's parents, not sure) and were magically carted off to the rehearsal dinner at Pricci's Restaurant.
The weather was horrible.
Thankfully there was a way to warm up once we got indoors again.

The food was, no other way to say it, amazing. I'm still dreaming about that steak. In my dreams it was the kind of steak that had the voice of Fabio and offered to fulfill my wildest appetites.
Trust me, it was that good.

Having all the kids up that late was a bit stressful, to say the least, but after a little while (and drinks), everyone loosened up. It's amazing what a little wine in the baby bottle will do.

Just kidding, just kidding!
I was very well behaved, and only had three drinks the whole night.
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Ellen said...

You are absolutely hysterical!!! :D Looks like you had a wonderful time!

Kit-bert: "semi" eevil HR Director said... captured the moment and the humor of that night! I just wish we could relive the whole weekend! I miss you guys so much!! I look at these pics and think: I miss my sisters and family! Wish I had more time to spend with you all! oh and did I tell you that you looked SOOO beautiful Rach?! well yes, you DID! amazingly hot and thin! woo hoo!! I can't wait to get pics back from my professional photographers!

TuttleTime said...

We all looked pretty great that day. It's amazing. :)

I love this post. It was hilarious to read and relive the events. I miss you, too.