Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Spa Day

Sorry that blogging has been so scarce lately. I've been on vacation, and I've been very busy creating scenarios about which to blog about later. Thankfully I have three Little Scenarios, so blog fodder is never too far away!

Last Friday, my sister Lynn treated all of her bridesmaids and flower girls to a Spa Day at the Four Seasons Hotel in Atlanta, GA.

Angie and I were the Matrons of Honor; the Ones in Charge; the Final Authority to be Obeyed at All Costs. In short, we were the bossiest two of the group.
Angie was very smart, and brought a bag of crafts for the little girls to work on while the rest of us were taking our turns at being pampered and prodded into a semblance of beauty.
My little Miss Boo; such an interesting combination of textures. She's part Sylvester Stallone/part Sarah Jessica Parker.
On top of the amazing Spa Day treat, Lynn also had beautiful gift bags for everyone. Inside were lots of treats and goodies, as well as a beautiful pearl necklace for the flower girls. I practically had to arm wrestle the necklace out of Miss Boo's grubby fingers.
Our gift bags were even better. I just LOVE bags, and my bag was a sassy little number with bright stripes and colors. My bag says, "I'm a Mommy, but I'm still Hot". (That's what I'm telling myself, and I'm sticking to my story.)
Inside the bags were more goodies, including the most beautiful pair of diamond dangly earrings for us to wear with our dresses for the wedding.
I had such a difficult day. Picking the appropriate shade of pink can be quite a conundrum.
Lynn's bridesmaids were such funny and sweet girls. At first I felt somewhat self-conscious around such sophisticated and elegant women, but soon were we laughing and joking like old friends. It's nice to know that a sophisticated and elegant exterior can hide a fellow soul with similar tastes in dorky humor.
A wedding wouldn't be a wedding without drama of some sort, and we had a little "episode" where a "certain someone" (no one I've ever met before, so stop suspecting it was me) said an inappropriate (*cough cough* asinine) comment to my sister. Thankfully I wasn't actually present when aforementioned Dingbat said Unmentioned Stupid Statement, so I wasn't held liable for vaulting him off the fifth floor balcony into the lobby below.

We bridesmaids sprang into action.

(Translation: we started the booze flowing).
An undisclosed number of mimosas and martinis later, everything was all good.
(Note to other bridesmaids: I have video you'll be very interested to see, but I'll send it to your personal private email. This is a family friendly blog, after all, and I have a pristine and debonair reputation to uphold. I deny any allegations to the contrary.)


TuttleTime said...

Wasn't it a fabulous day and weekend...It was such a downer to have to go to work! I was telling the others that we need to have a bridemaid reunion every year...this was just way TOO much fun!

Cleo said...

Oh my you make it hard to embrace Christian characteristics! In layman's terms, am trying to keep the "green with envy" at bay! ;)
What an absolutely FABULOUS looking time to be had...at the hands of what surely is a generous and remarkable sis!
Sooooo GREAT meeting you yesterday!
And soooooo nice to know that you're genuine.
Again, in layman's terms ;), you pour through your blog: sweet, sincere and humorous. You put on no airs.:)
Just like your AMAZING mother!
Imust say I do like the new look of the blog.
Very feminine...like you.
Bummer about no "Search" for past posts. Really want to read about Miss Boo the Buffalo poop!
BTW, bequeathed you a blog award.
Go to this url link (my latest blog entry) to view/accept it. It's well-deserved!

Kit-bert: "semi" eevil HR Director said...

aww Rach - you are so good at blogging and recapturing the events of the fabulous Spa Day - I had to laugh at the stupid "comment" drama portion of the day. I love how protective we all are of each other because I had to laugh at your "fling him off the 5th flr balcony" comment. LOL that's exactly how I'd react, and then I'd give you some booze to help you feel better! LOL I am SO thankful for you Rach - you were such a tremendous help, support, love, etc. EVERYTHING to me during my wedding weekend. I was just thinking about this last night - I so wished you lived closer but I am SOOO thankful you were here for me! I love you SO much! pls don't forget how much I truly appreciated you being there for everything (even the dress mishap, running to get security to open the door AND the hilarious time you and Shannon had getting my wedding dress over that "plastic thing" (wink wink) remember the name you guys gave it? ROFL love it! totally good times that weekend!! XOXO