Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bach Party

My sister Lynn and fiancee' Doctor Robert (every time I say that a Beetles song runs amok through my head) decided to have a joint bachelorette/bachelor party, which they shortened into a "Bach Party".
To start off the festivities, we went to see the musical Avenue Q.
How do I explain this musical? I guess you could say it's like Sesame Street all grown up. Watch the clip and you'll see what I mean. (Facebook users will need to view my blog to see this by clicking here, and you might want to pause the playlist on the sidebar)

Lynn was pouting because her seat was so far from Rob's.
At that point it hit me that I should be missing Handyman, who was back at my parents' house with the kids. (Moment of Missing. . . . okay, moment over).

It's not often all three of us sisters get to hang out, but when we do, hilarity ensues!
The music was a matinee performance, so once it ended we went to dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant called Antica Pasta. My dear Auntie Pauline who had flown in from Hawaii sat next to me at dinner. The woman kept smacking my arm for some odd reason. I can't imagine what I was saying that warranted all the abuse; I can assure you, I was very well-behaved the entire meal.
My sister Angie and I have an identical sense of dorky humor. We are amused by odd things, like taking pictures of each other taking pictures. Think of it as puns in physical reality. (But don't think too hard).
Good times, yes indeed, good times!


Linda Byrd said...

How fun! I always enjoy your blog, but this one made me miss my sisters (one passed away several years ago). Your sister and her fiance are a beautiful couple.

Ellen said...

Such fun! :) Again, you look absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy all this time with family! :)

Mizzle said...

That clip was awesome!

Glad you had such a great party!

Flipfloppingmamma said...

2 things...

1. you looked amazing!!! Love the dress.
2. you NEVER behave and I bet the abuse was warrented.

Too Little Time said...

That dress looks awesome on you!! K

Sereknitty said...

You look fabulous in that gorgeous dress!