Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bar Stool Slipcover

When we moved into our house seven years ago we also inherited two bar stools that lounged idly in the kitchen. Up until a few months ago, these bar stools were idle ruffians that were content to wallow in filthy ignominy.
Then, I had a rare bout of cleaning frenzy, and decided that the two loutish bar stools needed an intervention.

The wood on the bar stools is covered with an embarrassingly thick layer of sticky grime which I cannot seem to scrub off, no matter what I do. I have a feeling that the grime is a mutation of the dirt from my childrens' grubby fingers mixed with the deteriorating varnish of the chairs.
To make my pattern, I used trash bags and cut them out to shape by taping them to the different parts of the chair.
(Yes, I know, this is a very posh way to do things.)

Next, I pinned my pattern pieces to vinyl fabric that I'd purchased at a discounted price from a fabric store in the area.
Since the pieces all looked vaguely similar I had to be careful not to get them mixed up. I labeled them with a pencil so that I knew which edges to sew together.
Much better! I know they're still not the greatest chairs, but at least I can wipe them clean after the kids have done their worst. Plus, if they're so dirty that a wiping up can't suffice, I can just slip them off and throw them in the washing machine!