Saturday, July 10, 2010

Confession + Lace Choker Tutorial

I have a confession.

I like the Twilight movies.

What's worse, I don't really think they're well written (sorry Esther!), nor are the movies terribly well acted (sorry Lynn!).

I still like them. I justify this by arguing that since I don't like ice cream or candy, my Twilight addiction is like most people's addiction for a yummy treat that has no nutritional value.
(Before you despise me with thine sneering mien, remember that despite the recession, ice cream sales haven't plummeted.)

So, anyway, I was watching Eclipse in the theaters, when I noticed the cutest outfit that Alice was wearing. Actually, it wasn't so much the outfit itself as the choker.
So, I decided to make one for myself, simply because I think chokers are cute and shabby chic. (Don't worry, I'm not having any sudden irrational urges to bite someone. Smack someone, yes; bite, no.)
What do you think? Too skanky? Too goth?
It was so easy to make! I just sewed a button onto one length of lace,
and (after measuring it around my neck to get the correct length) cut a hole into the other end. Once I had it on my neck, I trimmed the edges to the same length.
I just had to make sure that my button fit through the button hole, and that was it!


Linda Byrd said...

I love your choker. We must think alike because, as I was watching Eclipse, I noticed the jewelry also, especially Alice's choker. I also agree about the books not being well-written (but I read them anyway). I do think the acting was better in Eclipse than Twilight and New Moon. Mostly I'm impressed with the special effects which create the wolves.

Leah said...

I love the books, I love the movies, and I think your choker is adorable. a little goth, in a lacy, cutsie kinda way. ;)

Too Little Time said...

Very cool- have to try this myself... and yes, love the series myself. Have listened (audio books) more times than I can count :) K

Harris Hawaiian said...

Well having seen Eclipse 3 times now, I have to say that the acting was definitely better - especially for Edward (being a Team Edward fan, I think he was good in all 3 of course, but his acting in the Eclipse is much better and he is soo hot...mmmm) ok anyway, choker - yes I like it, not skanky at all, very cute. I can't wear them because they actually 'choke' me...but I think they're very cute!

TuttleTime said...

Rach, you are so creative. You can take simple things and make them fabulous!

I was talking to Oma about you today...You can take an ugly sweater, recycle the yarn, and create a beautiful can search around town and find someone who has WAY too many apples, do them a HUGE favor and take them off their hands, and then create enough apple sauce, apple butter, apple streudel/pie, and other delights to feed an army. You are an amazing person!

CountryBelle said...

I think there are a LOT of mom's secretly loving the twilight series. You are not alone ;) The choker is dainty and pretty!

Amie said...

I love it! I always liked that choker but never felt justified buying one. I'll have to make this! Thanks for sharing.

Jo - To a Pretty Life said...

Your choker is adorable! It looks perfect with your white outfit too.

Sachiko said...

I love it! I would love to make one for me.