Tuesday, July 20, 2010


There is a legend.

This legend is a very old legend, and only a very few, very lucky people have been witness to this legend.

This is how the legend goes:

Sometimes in the late evening, when the moon is in the seventh house, and the stars are trying to decide if it's time to wake from their indigo slumber, a rare and elusive creature emerges.
Into the welcoming arms of the night creeps the elusive SAHM. The poor, timid SAHM does not often have the luxury of enjoying the company of other beings who are capable of washing their own socks and brushing their own teeth, so when the down-trodden SAHM encounters others of her endangered species, she suffers from near-instantaneous self combustion.
(Apparently, this particular SAHM is so elusive that a clear photo could not be taken.)

Gathered together with her friends and colleagues, she laughs and cries and generally spends a wonderful evening away from the reality of her normal existence, which mainly consists of poopy diapers, snotty noses, and size 11 shoes left directly in front of the doorway in a very good impression of a booby trap.
Sustenance is definitely needed for the return journey back to the grueling life that is the SAHM's fate.
Then, once more, fortified and regenerated, the SAHM staggers back to her sphere where she once again takes up her never-ending fight against dirt and disorganization, leaving the stunned witnesses to wonder what sort of marvelous beings they have been so fortunate as to see.

End of legend.

(SAHM = Stay At Home Mom)


Rachel said...

That sounds fun!! Where can I find the end of the rainbow that makes this legend come true??

TuttleTime said...

I am so glad that being a SAHM hasn't interfered with your ability to pah-ty and have a hilarios sense humor! :) Love U.