Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Camisole Refashion and Tutorial

To make this top, you'll need:
1 camisole in your actual size
1 matching camisole in your size or larger (the more fabric, the better!)
1/4 yard of coordinating fabric; something gauzy is rather nice, for the drape
matching thread and sewing needle
Cut several strips of fabric and fold in half lengthwise. I like big rosettes, so I cut my biggest strips about 5 inches wide and about 2 1/2 feet long, and (keeping the length the same for each rosette) went down an inch or so from there for the other rosettes.
On the open cut edge, sew a long running stitch and pull the threads to gently gather the fabric. The tighter the gather, the more "bunched-looking" the fabric.
Keeping the sewn ends on the inside of the flower, start turning the fabric and also giving the fabric a twist every so often.
With your needle and thread, sew through the layers on the back of the rosette to hold it together. As the rosette gets thicker I find a thimble helps with getting the needle through the fabric.
Once your rosette is to your liking, sew a pearl or button into the center of the rosette and knot off the thread.

Make however many rosettes you want, in differing sizes, and also make one strip of gathered fabric from the extra camisole. In an "S" shape, sew the gathered fabric onto the camisole that's in your size.
With the needle and thread start sewing the rosettes on top of the "S", letting the ruffles peek up through the rosettes.
I thought my shoulder corsage of roses looked a bit heavy, so I cut a 1 inch strip of fabric from the extra camisole and gathered it down the center. Then, I arranged it under the corsage section and twirled it towards the center of the camisole.


Acornbud said...

Very nice and creative!

Nikki said...

From "The Dress" to girl how you've improved your style!!!!!!!! :) Thanks so much for linking up to my party! :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT...LOVE IT...LOVE IT!!! Christian and I are definitely going to have to try this one :)

TuttleTime said...

Rosettes really seem to be the style this season. Lots of shirts with them! :) Every time I see a shirt with them, I think of you! Very nice.