Monday, August 23, 2010

Christmas in July

For some reason, right around August, I start getting in a panic about Christmas. Perhaps it's the commercialism of "Christmas in July" working in a bizarrely non-commercial way, or my phobia of procrastination, but whatever the reason, around this time of year I start throwing myself mindlessly into the "I've got to make everyone a hand made Christmas gift".

So, anyway, I sewed another apron as a Christmas gift for - - - - -, which I finished in July.
As I said, I have a phobia of procrastination. I blame it on my brother.

Hopefully this fabric choice won't be another regrettable decision (like "The Dress", which my friend Nikki sniggers at constantly). It's just I have such a horrible weakness for over-blown flowers. *Sigh*
What do you think? Should I just chuck it away as a bad fabric choice or gift it? Someone please intervene on my obsessive-flower-compulsion and give me the truth. I can handle the truth.

I think.

Be gentle.


Nikki said...

As your friend, I have to tell you, you NEED an intervention! I love the pattern of said apron...but the fabric...le sigh...LOL
I think anyone over the age of 40 will LOVE that fabric, so keep that in mind when gifting it! ;)
Still...LEAPS AND BOUNDS from "The Dress" lol

Nikki said...

Now that I've had a moment to reflect, it occurred to me, I may need an intervention as well. Floral to you...large geometric to each their own I guess LOLOL

TuttleTime said...

I personally love the overblown chaotic asian floral motif...but that's just me! :) I also love the idea of wearing a flowery pattern such as this, because I am currently not "allowed" to indulge in this in my wardrobe. Lynn and Mike have given flowers a big thumbs I listen, not always, but the rolled eyes aren't fun to deal with. :)

TuttleTime said...

Also, it looks like Peter or Banna may have taken this photo, because the top of your head is missing. :) You look great, tho.

TuttleTime said...

oh and also...based on Nikki's comments..I fit the >40 category. :)

Harris Hawaiian said...

very creative apron but as you'd expect from me, I have to say huge flowers are right up Angie's alley....not so much mine - although I'm not over 40 (...yet, thank GOD). however, I wasn't really noticing the apron, I was noticing YOU, you look GREAT! mama in a floral explosion apron :)

Anonymous said...

It probably isn't my absolute favorite, but it does have an Asian flair that would complement anyone with pretty olive skin :) truly is hard to notice the print with the distraction of the beautiful model behind it!!